Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plan B Morning After Pill Age Restrictions are Reasonable

I am a pro-choice progressive liberal Democrat. But I support the age limitations imposed by the Obama administration. It is not that I want to take away or restrict any woman's reproductive and/or sexual rights. To the contrary, every woman should have the unfettered right to make choices as to her sexual activity and right to reproduce and/or terminate a pregnancy. This issue, however, implicated the rights and abilities of parents to be good parents to their children.

The issue here, however, is slightly different. As a parent, I don't want my children taking any kind of medication without my knowledge so that I may intervene if there is a problem, either leading to the taking of the medicine or with the effects thereafter. Even vitamin supplements, such as those containing ephedrine have led to the death of children, and were taken for all of the wrong reasons. Laxatives have been taken by children desperately hiding serious anorexia.

This issue reflects a difficult balance. There are some people who fall into the gap where they will need this pill and have parents who will not be competent parents/guardians to deal with the situation. They may abuse the girl and force and unwanted decision on her. I get it. One could argue that the same argument could be used to ban to sale of condoms to people 16 and under. Like many legal precedents, it comes down to a balancing of the legitimate interests arguing against the harm of particular legislation. Clearly, the harm of banning condoms, in this age of teen pregnancy and AIDS would greatly outweigh the benefit.

But one can not compare a decision to terminate a pregnancy with a simple way of avoiding it. For example, as a responsible parent, I would want to discuss with my daughter why she risked AIDS by having unprotected sex.

Since a doctor's prescription is required and not parental consent, an reasonable solution exists for those young women who can not easily get parental consent (and thus their assistance in getting a prescription.) Superb organizations like Planned Parenthood (click there to go to that organization to give money or find out information) should be funded, at least by the private sector, to provide prescriptions where appropriate.

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