Monday, April 25, 2011

Why do we Continue to Unfairly Fear and Criticize China for her economic Growth?

In the news are more and more stories about how strong the Chinese economy is, and the question of whether we should be concerned. Recently, a racist anti-China commercial has been used by Republican affiliated PAC'S and Special Interest Groups to attack Democrats. It portrays the Chinese as laughing about the demise of the American Leadership due to budget deficits and other economic mismanagement.

First, the Chinese are not our competition. They are a poor country with a much much larger population. Can we, should we, blame the Chinese because they are a hard working society which promotes production of "real goods" while we continue to refuse to refuse to work, and when we work, we tend to "shuffle" existing assets instead of creating new ones. Let me explain. Only in the airplane construction industry are we are a major net exporter and world leader, yet we allowed Europe to subsidize Airbus and, in the name of Capitalism, we care more about deregulating financial markets instead. Financial markets, those in the finance industry, like lawyers, accountants, PR consultants, and on and on, at which so many of us work, add nothing to our real GNP. They do not add anything to our ability to pay for imported goods.

That is why the US Chamber of Commerce continues to oppose efforts to stem the tide of illegal aliens streaming across the border, despite the severe economic, social, and security costs of the narco-traffickers and drug cartels who smuggle money, drugs, and weapons across that border. While I have great respect for Mexico and Mexicans, speak the language (Spanish) and have traveled there for business and pleasure on many occasions, we can no longer ignore the border situation. Special interest business groups are so desperate for cheap labor that they employ disingenuous arguments like comparing the "Fence" we are building to the "Berlin Wall." This is a specious argument, as the Berlin Wall was meant to keep a people prisoners in an oppressive dictatorship, against their will and without moral right. Our border fence, on the other hand, is meant to keep a free people from illegally entering the USA, which is our right, in the same way as we have the right to lock the doors and windows in our house.

Yet, who do we beg, and who answers our prayers, for loans so that we can continue to purchase the products of other countries that we have been responsible for not making? China. Yet, while she is our friend, we slander and criticise her for letting her people do what they need to do to put food on their table and are morally entitled to do, which is work.

We continue to ignore all that is good and right about China, and continue to thrust unfair criticism and spread unwarranted fear and suspicion at and about China in the economic and other arenas. I will continue to discuss this as this site is under construction as I am new to blogging, but can no longer remain silent, as it was said that, "All it takes for evil to prevails is for a few good people to do nothing."


  1. Dear David:

    What you write is controversial, to say the least. I am not sure I agree with everything you say, but I am now not certain that everything I believed was correct either.

  2. I am interested in China. Is that what your book is about? Can you write more! Many of the Articles are totally to specific to an issue or point of view.

    Stacy from LA

  3. It is in the USA's interests to make peace with China as it was to make peace with Russia

  4. China is feared for no reason. What has this poor country done to us besides fund our overspending?

  5. China is thinking long term, unlike Bush who destroyed the USA

  6. i like what you write . and will often go back (wanxiangqi)