Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watch for My New Book, A White Tear in Red China

Watch out for my upcoming book, A White Tear in Red China by David Michael Ginsberg, © 2011 David Michael Ginsberg, which I had written over the last few years in hand during my many trips to and adventures in China. I am finally typing it up and editing it. It is my first book, and is non-fiction. I can only hope I am a good enough author to tell the stories which are definitely well worth reading.

We are the people who have the courage to stand up to the wrong of our country and make it right!

"A White Tear in Red China" is also a trademark of David M. Ginsberg. All rights reserved.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Repeal Tax Breaks for Oil Companies

Oil companies currently receive a 4 billion dollar tax break. Exxon just, on April 29, 2011, reported a 10 billion dollar profit this year alone! This is on top of year after year of multi-billion dollar profits. Exxon is joined by the other oil companies who also have huge multi-billion dollar profits, year after year. At the same time, our country is in a crisis because of the budget deficit nearing its legal limit. Does it take a rocket scientist to get the point that we should repeal the tax breaks for these companies!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summary Of Compelling Reasons for Switching to “Green” Alternative Energy Due to the Hidden Costs of Not Switching, Especially in the Long Term

    While many consumers and governmental officials are concerned about the environment, and desire to go "green" no matter what the cost or inconvenience, many people and decision makers care primarily about the monetary cost of energy. This is seen when energy companies seek rate hikes, for example, or when consumers complaint about increased costs of gasoline at the pump. People want cheap utility bills, cheap gasoline, and cheap cars. (Chua, 2008)

China’s Monetary Policy Is Fine, No Need for Her Currency to Float

Contrary to the conventions and misguided wisdom, China is wrongly criticized for not allowing her currency to float. This is absolutely misguided and is based on the simple, yet incorrect, assumption that the more Chinese goods cost, the less quantity of them we will buy, and the cheaper our goods are, the more quantity of USA products we can sell. The theory goes that if currencies float freely, trade deficits will decrease, and more Americans will get jobs. Historically, this hasn't worked. Closer examination of the underlying theory explains why. If the Chinese currency floats freely, we will just spend more money for the same amount of goods, further aggravating our balance of trade deficit.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why do we Continue to Unfairly Fear and Criticize China for her economic Growth?

In the news are more and more stories about how strong the Chinese economy is, and the question of whether we should be concerned. Recently, a racist anti-China commercial has been used by Republican affiliated PAC'S and Special Interest Groups to attack Democrats. It portrays the Chinese as laughing about the demise of the American Leadership due to budget deficits and other economic mismanagement.

First, the Chinese are not our competition. They are a poor country with a much much larger population. Can we, should we, blame the Chinese because they are a hard working society which promotes production of "real goods" while we continue to refuse to refuse to work, and when we work, we tend to "shuffle" existing assets instead of creating new ones. Let me explain. Only in the airplane construction industry are we are a major net exporter and world leader, yet we allowed Europe to subsidize Airbus and, in the name of Capitalism, we care more about deregulating financial markets instead. Financial markets, those in the finance industry, like lawyers, accountants, PR consultants, and on and on, at which so many of us work, add nothing to our real GNP. They do not add anything to our ability to pay for imported goods.

President Obama Doing Well in Domestic and Foreign Policy

Our President has received unfair criticism about his foreign and domestic policy. He is doing an excellent job, given the cards he was dealt.

Regarding Concerns About Increased Involvement in Libya and the USA shouldering an unfair share of the burden:

President Obama clearly warned us of all of the things which are occurring [no exit strategy, unfair burden to the USA] and clearly enunciated those concerns as his justification for hesitating to rush to involve the US in Libya. The President bowed to the will of the American public, both Republicans and Democrats, and our compassion for innocent civilians being slaughtered and our identifying with those that protest and defy a brutal dictatorship and its oppression. By the way, I believe history will prove our support of these protesters to be both morally correct and also in our enlightened self-interest.