Tuesday, May 31, 2011

World Health Institute fails miserably to decide whether cell phone usage causes brain cancer

Today, just minutes ago, the United Nations World Health Organization, the preeminent most respected medical organization in the world purported to settle a critical debate and announced, in breaking news, "Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk." What a disappointment from the WHO. Their conclusion begs the question. We already wondered whether cell phone usage caused brain cancer. This question has been around for at least a decade. We expected them to extensively analyze the multiple studies and empirical data which exists from a medical and scientific point of view and reach a scientific supportable conclusion such as "Yes it does," or "No it doesn't." Their response, "Maybe it does." The entire world knew that already, even years ago. We needed an answer, and got instead only the original question which started the debate. How is this news? How is this science? How is this medicine?

Lots of things are rumored to cause cancer and other disease. Technology saves lives, and improves the quality of our lives. We forget this in our hysteria to "live forever. "For example, we all know that a chemical which prevents a dozen people a year from dying (as people are in Europe right now) from E-Coli, would be an unreasonable cost if it killed thousands a year from cancer. On the other hand, if it had only the adverse effect of killing two people a year from allergic reactions, that would be a reasonable risk (or cost.) We know that vaccinations and other lifesaving medicines occasionally kill people, and make others sick, but we know that is a reasonable cost for the good they produce. Hopefully, no one is indifferent to real and unreasonable risks to our health.
Technology improves our lives as well. It saves life as well. We all know how advances in medical science save life. We witnessed, in the specific area of cell phones, how cell phones helped oppose oppression as the media was banned from countries which are, at this moment, slaughtering innocent people. Yet cell phones, and the video cameras inside of them, and their ability to send those videos around the world in an instant, helped bring the world's attention to the oppression and tyranny that was occurring and also helped spark well deserved revolutions. I could give you example after example where the use of cell phones has saved lives, helped lives, made our lives safer, made our lives better, and on and on.
If the use of cell phones in a certain manner causes a real, unreasonable health risk, we need to know. The key word, "unreasonable." We did not get that answer. We could eliminate drunk driving fatalities, in fact all automobile fatalities, as well as a lot of pollution, reduce our balance of trade deficit and our dependence on imported oil (and indirectly cripple terrorism), if we banned the automobile. These are reasonable goals accomplished through unreasonable (absurd) methods. That is the point. We have to make reasonable assessments as to the risks and rewards.
The WHO report added nothing to the debate as to what is reasonable about cell phone usage.
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  1. David,
    You make a well reasoned, intelligent, articulate argument which echos my own thoughts and sentiments.

  2. I also would like to know the answer to the question, Does Cell Phone Usage Cause Cancer?

  3. Cell Phone Usage causes brain cancer and car accidents and what else? Perhaps we should give up talking

  4. I think the WHO causes cancer!!! :)

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