Monday, April 25, 2011

President Obama Doing Well in Domestic and Foreign Policy

Our President has received unfair criticism about his foreign and domestic policy. He is doing an excellent job, given the cards he was dealt.

Regarding Concerns About Increased Involvement in Libya and the USA shouldering an unfair share of the burden:

President Obama clearly warned us of all of the things which are occurring [no exit strategy, unfair burden to the USA] and clearly enunciated those concerns as his justification for hesitating to rush to involve the US in Libya. The President bowed to the will of the American public, both Republicans and Democrats, and our compassion for innocent civilians being slaughtered and our identifying with those that protest and defy a brutal dictatorship and its oppression. By the way, I believe history will prove our support of these protesters to be both morally correct and also in our enlightened self-interest.

Regarding our continuing involvement and the cost thereof in Afghanistan and Iraq:
Frequently mentioned is the continuing cost and lack of progress in Afghganistan. Most clearly, the situation in Afghanastin and Iraq was created and caused by President Bush. This President can not simply "wish away" the errors of the past administration as though they had never occurred.. There is a multi year lag effect, and President Obama has not had the time to effectuate a correction. This is especially so since the damage done by his predecessor is so deep and profound.

Regarding the Economy:
Once again, (and as a honors graduate from the Wharton School of Business who majored in Economics - I might know a little about the subject) there is a multi year lag effect, and severe damage was done to our economy by the President Bush and his administration. Think of Enron, the lack of regulation, the failure to enforce existing regulation, the deregulation, and the resulting crash in companies like Enron, Worldcom, Global Crossing, the banking sector, and on and on, and the subsequent shock waves throughout other sectors of our economy. Add to it the continuing financial cost of the Iraq war. It may take a decade of effort to restore the USA economy to where it should, less if Republicans and their special interest groups work with the President and more if they continue to impede his efforts. Sorry for the bad news, but blame President Bush and all of us for electing and re-electing him.

Concerns Regarding Pres. Obama's place of birth and/or religion:
Any such alleged concerns are outrageous and false. As a Jewish supporter of Israel, I would be among the first to be concerned if there were any truth in either these concerns or Obama's ability to do his job as he should. They are typical Republican fashioned lies, which they espouse prior to an election in an attempt to unfairly win it, and after an election, in an attempt to paralyze a legitimately elected President and his administration. Not only are these allegations false, but even if they were true, he is the most promising, well intentioned, most intelligent, most honest President that has held office in the 1/2 century I have lived (I was to young to remember Kennedy.)


  1. Obama promissed to kill Bin Laden, and as your most recent post refers, he did the job. He is doing a good job and is getting a bad rap. It is time to elect a strongly democratic congress so real work can get done.

    Joseph L. (Nashville, TN)

  2. I love Obama. Donald Trump is out. Is that good or bad? I hated Trump, but he would have secured Obama's reelection

  3. We should all do what we can to see that President Obama is reelected. Not only is he doing a great job, but what or who is our alternative. That lunatic from Alaska that can see Russia from her backyard through the scope of her hunting rifle?

  4. I wish Trum and Palin would run. Look at Romney criticize Obama for the same health care plan Romney had as governor. All Republicans are hypocrites.

  5. President Obama is being blamed for the deficit, the housing crash, the increase in unemployment, etc. I don't think this is his fault. Can you post a blog about that?


  6. I am sickend and appalled by the recent statement by the Republicans on the economy and their opposition to the President's corrective plans.

    I was watching them on CNN claiming that they won't budge on tax increases (including for the very very rich and corporations like the 4 billion in tax breaks the oil comapnies get) when our economy is in crisis, people are unemployed, people are loosing their houses, etc.

    What more do they want? I know I will vote for only Democrats in all future elections.

  7. I love President Barak Obama. The Republicans are really being stubborn and blocking this administration from doing what it was given a mandate to do. Shame, shame on them.

  8. I wrote this blog article (my first) on April 25, 2011, about three months ago. I am aware of the fact that there have been a lot of increased/continued problems in the economy. I am posting this as a comment, as I often do, instead of simply editing my existing article, but there is no real difference.

    But for reasons I will explain in a comprehensive article, and for the reasons explained in other articles I have written in this Blog about the Republicans being responsible for the Budget Crisis, these problems are not President Obama's Fault, and he had no power to cure them. The reasons are three fold.

    First, there is a big lag effect (time delay). We are suffering from the economic mismanagement of the Bush administration. It takes years of good or bad management of the economy for the results to occur.

    Second, as one can see if one watches the news, with the sole exception of China, the entire world is suffering economically, and as big as the USA economy is, it is not as big as the combined economies of those countries which are in trouble. The entire Euro zone is practically broke, and Greece and other countries are again defaulting on their loans (and solutions for them are not nearly as easy as simply raising an artificial cap on the budget deficits.) Even Japan has had economic problems (on top of their decades of slow growth) due to the tremendous, unexpected, and catastrophic costs of the Earthquake and resulting tidal wave and nuclear disaster.

    Japan, for example, saw many of its major companies having to shut factories and lay off workers due to the problems with their own factories, or the procurement of necessary parts and supplies, due to the destruction of entire cities and the radiation risks which resulted in the evacuation of Tens of Thousands of others. Japan's government, itself, has to spend tens of billions of dollars rebuilding cities, infrastructure, and aiding the displaced, while at the same time the catastrophe will cause a major decrease in tax revenues due to the loss of jobs and loss of profits by those people and companies affected by the catastrophe.

    Third, as I explained in my other posts, President Obama can not pass legislation without Congress. In fact, it is Congress which is supposed to pass legislation. Republicans control the House of Representatives. And they filibuster when any legislation is proposed in the Senate which they oppose. They do this, and did this during the Clinton administration, even though they ask Democrats to respect the wishes of the electorate when a Republican like Bush is elected president.

    Since no legislation can be passed which President Obama wants, because Republicans control the House of Representatives and block anything they don't like in the Senate, how can President Obama possibly be held responsible for any action or inaction by the government?

    David M. Ginsberg

  9. I'm a republican, but President Barack Obama has earned my respect. I respected him especially after he lead the rightful assassination of Osama Bin Laden. I think that it was really all Barack Obama's doing that lead to the death of Osama Bin Laden. Former President George W. Bush probably made the killing of Osama Bin Laden even more difficult. I am not a big fan of George Bush.