Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watch for My New Book, A White Tear in Red China

Watch out for my upcoming book, A White Tear in Red China by David Michael Ginsberg, © 2011 David Michael Ginsberg, which I had written over the last few years in hand during my many trips to and adventures in China. I am finally typing it up and editing it. It is my first book, and is non-fiction. I can only hope I am a good enough author to tell the stories which are definitely well worth reading.

We are the people who have the courage to stand up to the wrong of our country and make it right!

"A White Tear in Red China" is also a trademark of David M. Ginsberg. All rights reserved.


  1. Given your socially progressive yet intel;lectually valid points of view, I look forward to reading your book? What is it about and when will it be published?

  2. If your book is as good as your blog, I can't wait to read it. Is it about China, you, or politics?

    Interested Reader

  3. Is this your first book. It seems so. You are very good at writing about the subjects discussed in your blog. Is the topic of your book similar to the topics you discuss, or is it about something in a different catagory. If your book is similar to the subjects in your blog, I am sure your book will be spectacular. If not, I am very excited and interested to read it and see how you write about other things (in books).

  4. I'd love to read your book!
    Contact me.
    E-mail from S.B.