Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Casey Anthony Case and Flawed TV Analysis of this Case. What is the real story on Casey Anthony?

Many TV shows are covering the Casey Anthony case, and while I can follow the case, I can't follow the TV analysis of this case. Even the most learned legal and psychological experts are clueless. The analysis of the Casey Anthony case has been confused, disjointed, and flawed. Some get a few of the relevant points and issues, but all have failed to put it all together. The only way to analyze this case is to apply an intellectual legal analysis to the evidence. All of the experts on TV have approached the case from other than a non-legal perspective. Cognitive therapy teaches us there are different ways of interpreting the same facts, occurrences, and observations. That is what many have mistakenly done in this case to Casey Anthony as they both judge her prior actions and her behavior in Court.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Civil Rights for Public School Students

Before I begin with the thrust of this blog post, which is to demand that student's rights to free speech and free press be protected, and before I expose and go against those who seek to deny those rights seek to punish those who do exercise those rights, please let me state my fundamental and moral principles to avoid confusion and eliminate a lot of potential hate e-mail.