Thursday, July 28, 2011

Republicans Solely and Clearly Responsible for Budget Crisis - It is their Fault

The Republicans are solely to blame for the current fiscal crisis. It is their fault. Republicans are betraying America with their shenanigans about the budget deficit. The debate has, pathetically, abandoned any hope or attempt about even balancing the budget. Instead, they are debating merely when the new limit to the deficit should expire, because the Republicans want the crisis to reemerge before the Presidential election. In other words, there is a limit as to how high the amount the USA owes can reach. Each year, because our budget it not balances, we owe more and more money, as the yearly deficits add up. There have been caps on how high that debt could go. There were many caps which keep getting raised, because congress can never ever balance the budget. The cap was raised six of seven times during the Bush administration, without any big deal being made, because, as disgusting as this is, it needed to be done in the interests of the country, and even democrats recognized this. But once again, we have a Democrat elected as President, and it is not bad enough for the Republicans that they can't, like dictators, impose their will on the rest of us. It is not enough that the Democrats are willing to compromise with and give them most of what they want. They are going to (I don't say willing because as I write this, time is literally running out) "tank the country" to destroy a President. The harm which will befall America will far exceed, literally, the harm to America which would be caused if Al-Queda invaded Washington DC and destroyed all government buildings and killed all members of the legislative branch of government.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't Use Automated Check-Out Machines at Supermarkets

     OK, I'll admit that this was not one of my major areas of concern. But with the exception of my comments about the Casey Anthony case, it seems nothing I have said or written about so far was as explosive as a comment I made on a Supermarket website for employees and executives which was that people should not use "self-checkout machines" as they were anti-labor, and in this economy, unpatriotic.