Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't be fooled by the Tea Party! Tea Party candidates and Republicans (especially the Tea party and Special Interest Groups) Falsely Blame Democrats and President Obama for Economic Problems which are the Fault of Republicans and Tea Party candidates and try to do this by unfairly scaring Americans about things like China which have no relevancy. What's behind all the Tea Parties claims?

Republican special interest groups, PAC's and especially Tea party nuts continue to attack President Obama by falsely airing advertisements suggesting that the President's mismanagement of the economy will allow China to somehow “take over” America, or at lease become more powerful than America. This advertisements contain, like an onion, layers and layers of smelly lies and are false misleading scare tactics seeking to place the blame on Democrats and and unfairly criticize China for problems which are the fault of American Republicans, the tea party, and it's special interest groups.

Fact: Our budget deficit problem began a long time before China became economically powerful. Ronald Reagan, in 1980 ran on a platform of cutting the budget deficit in half. Instead, after eight years of his rule, the deficit had instead doubled.

Fact: David Stockton, a Republican, who worked in the Reagan administration, and was the author of “trickle down economics” and has tremendous credentials as an economist and wall street expert, has come out and attacked Republican refusal to increase taxes on the very rich and admitted that “trickle down economics” does not work!!!

Fact: In the 31 years since Ronald Reagan was elected, Republicans have controlled the White House for 20 years. The economy during the last three years, under Obama, were clearly the result of overspending during the Bush years and the lag effect it takes for an economy to recover from mismanagement, which lag effect can take a decade. During the 11 years which Democrats controlled the White House, their efforts were hampered by Republican controlled congress. Even those very few years in which Democrats also controlled Congress, the inability of Democrats to get 60 votes in the Senate and prevent Republican filibusters has cemented the Republican ability to prevent Democratic administrations from effectuating real change.

Fact: One major component of America's budget deficit is our excessive defense spending. We have a half a million soldiers scattered on bases all over the world. China has zero soldiers on zero bases and has zero history of military expansionism. The only foreign policy issues they are criticized for is Tibet and Taiwan. Most certainly, Taiwan was formerly part of China, is arming itself and anti-China. The invasion of Tibet occurred a long time ago, under the era of Mao Tse Tung and China was also historically part of Tibet (although I must confess I am not an expert on this subject.)

Fact: China has its own Islamic terrorist fears and problems. I have discussed this with party officials who informed me they were very concerned with Bin Laden for years. In the last few days, in fact, Islamist extremists committed terrorist attacks in China.

Fact: We associate North Korea with China as though the two are close allies. Nothing could be further from the truth. North Korea is a big problem for China, in a manner similar to the way Iraq is to America.

Fact: We associate our war in Vietnam with China. According to the Republican appointed Ambassador of President Bush (the father) who served during the Tianamin square massacre and a CIA operative in Cambodia during the Vietnam war, China was having problems with Vietnam even during the war. US intelligence noticed roads being build in China to the border with Vietnam and suspected these were built in order to supply Vietnam with weapons. We have learned, according to this Republican Ambassador and CIA operative, that China build those roads so they could be prepared for war with Vietnam way back then. Within the last decades, we have become trading partners and friends with Vietnam, yet there have been hostilities between China and Vietnam.

Fact: We associate the massacre in Tianamin square with an “evil repressive government.” In truth, Zhao Ziyang, the Premier of China and a leading member of the Communist Party, was against the violence, and spent the rest of his life home imprisonment for his opposition. The violence was caused by a few hard liners left over from the Mao era who went around the government. My source, a book which is banned in China, The Secret Journal of Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang which was smuggled to Hong Kong. Those hardliners are all dead.

Fact: China is a poor hard working country. We can't blame the government or the people for wanting to work and produce goods so that they can provide for themselves the basis of education and food, which are still at a level far below our own country. Their budget surplus is not an “act of aggression.”

Fact: No one forces us to borrow from the Chinese, and they are not to happy about the instability of our deficits and borrowing. The recent budget crisis made the Chinese very worried. In summary, the budget crisis in the USA is of our own creation and the Chinese are essentially saving us by lending us the money which they earned.

CONCLUSION: Our budget problems are strictly an American creation, largely due to Republican mismanagement of our economy. China posses no threat to the USA, and our fiscal problems are of our own creation, including though an unnecessary and inordinately expensive defense spending and refusal to increase taxes (and repeal tax credits) on the very rich. Continued attacks on President Obama, and Democrats, which use scare tactics regarding the Chinese are racist, slanderous, libelous, false, and unfair. They are designed to do what Republicans and now the Tea Party with its special interest groups do best: steal elections through obfuscation of the issues and lies and scaring an uninformed American public.

What can you do to make a difference. SPREAD THE WORD. People need to know that the tea party is making immoral accusations against others. If you are truly desired about this cause, e-mail politicians like your state representative and tell them to stand up and make a change. One voice, can turn into a crowd, which turns into a horde, which turns into a community, which turns into a state, which turns into a nation, which changes the world!

We are the people who have the courage to stand up to the wrong of our country and make it right!

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  1. I have seen those commercials and I agree with you. Tea Party conservatives blaming the world for the problems they cause. But your explanation was good and helped me understand the entire situation.

  2. You were right. China just downgraded our debt. If they wanted to take us over, like the commercials say, they would not have done this.

  3. Once again, Republicans are at it again. This time, on a small issue, but it is a perfect example of their overall sellout of America. Moreover, this is not just my opinion, but the opinion of non-partisan experts in their respective fields.

    Ray Lahood, another Republican who was formerly a member of congress (Republican) and is now Transportation Secretary, criticized congress and, implicitly, the Republicans therein, because the Republican controlled House refused to renew a small tax on air plane tickets which was used to fund the Federal Aviation Administration, which he in charge of. This tax was enacted after 9/11 due to the increased needs of the aviation industry, including security.

    Instead, Congress, having failed to pass the legislation to extend the small tax, ran home for their vacations, while, as a result, tens of thousands of FAA jobs were unfunded and the workers could not go to work.

    This is an example of Republican "job creation." :) Since you can't see my face, and it is hard to express emotion in a written sentence, let me clarify that this was said with extreme sarcasm. Perhaps they (the Tea Party nuts) can run another commercial and blame China. Or, if that is getting old, let's blame the Cayman Islands. :) Incidentally, when I say, "Tea Party nuts," I don't mean "those members of the Tea Party who are extremist nuts." I mean "The extremist nuts who are called the 'Tea Party.'" Furthermore, I don't mean to imply that there aren't plenty of non-Tea Party Republicans who aren't extremist nuts. There are.

    Just like the other Bush tax legislation (including the tax breaks for the oil industry and the tax breaks for the super rich) this tax was temporary. Unfortunately, since the problems created by 9/11 were not cured in the 8+ years that Bush controlled the White House, despite the two wars Bush started (Iraq and Afghanistan) and the trillions of dollars these wars will have cost us before all is said and done, we still need the small tax.

    And the FAA workers need their jobs. So do the people and businesses who benefit when the FAA workers get their paychecks (the ripple effect I have discussed.)

    But the Republicans don't like any legislation to rescind tax breaks, extend existing taxes, or increase or impose new taxes. It doesn't matter what the purpose of the taxes is, how or why the tax came into existence, or what the effect of not having the tax revenue is.

    In this case, the airlines in fact were still charging the amount of the tax to the airplane ticket purchasers but keeping the extra money. So consumers were paying the same amount of money, but the airlines were benefiting and the FAA workers were being laid off and air travelers were suffering from the lack of benefit of the services provided by the FAA workers.

    These Republicans, who speciously call themselves, and their rich special interest constituent groups “Job Creators” actually caused tens of thousands of FAA workers to temporarily loose their jobs because they needed the revenue from this tax to pay their salaries for their jobs which are critical to the safe and efficient running of the airline industry.

    Since this blog is being read by thousands of people from all over the world, could one republican congressman or woman, especially a Tea Party member, or one person who knows any of these "Job Creators" get one of these members of Congress, to please please explain to me (and I will publish it in my blog) how their failure to renew the tax and rush to go home on vacation helped "create jobs?"

    David M. Ginsberg

  4. To put my opinions in short, the Tea Party candidates, like Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin are an idiots. Most of them, including these two, have big mouths. Ever since Sarah Palin opened her mouth, she has been filling America up with nonsense. And, to think they are so confident about their politics, including a Tea Party candidate being elected president, just adds to their arrogance and stupidity..

    Since Sarah Palin has declared that she can she Russia from her house (and thus is qualified to be President), I have realized that she may actually have a decent future in a high government position where good vision is a requirement and sanity is not. Michele Bachman, on the other hand, having declared she is submissive to her husband, poses a grave national security risk should she be elected. If her husband should pass away (or the Bachmans divorce), and Michele remarries (for example a Chinese man), then America would become ruled by a foreign power (such as China).

  5. Tea Party, Tea Party, Tea Party. If the so called tea party lunatics become successful because of the stupidity of congress, the rich will have special one of a kind mansions, while the rest of us will be homeless out on the streets or grouped up in tents. By the way, interestingly, having tea in a party can cause mental retardation.