Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CBS's Big Brother 15 - Bad People Doing Bad Things

Big Brother 15 is one of my favorite shows. I have been watching it since the third season, 12 years ago. Of course, some years are better then others, and some are more unique then others. Each year, CBS tries to change something about the show to make it more interesting as opposed to mere repetition of the prior year. Even my ten year old daughter joined my 14 year old son (and I) in liking this show (in prior G-Rated years).

Before you jump the gun and think this is just another discussion about another dumb reality show, wait. This season's show has made headlines throughout the world, caused CBS to rewrite their disclaimers, and ended the careers of two contestants.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thinking of Buying or Renting at Oak Hill Estates and Terraces in Penn Valley (Oakhill Condominiums)?

Thinking of buying or renting an apartment or townhouse in Penn Valley (also considered Narberth) at the Oak Hill Estates and Terraces ("Oakhill")? You might want to think long and hard and look elsewhere.

Since I wrote this Blog, I have been subjected to further retaliation and attempted bullying and intereferenced into my personal affairs. Furthermore, I received a slew of so called "anonymous" comments which I traced by IP address to the same people I was writing about, and hence, they were not published. These comments, in the same gutless manner management operates, did not address the issues but were personal attacks against myself.  IF YOU PLAN ON MOVING HERE, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GETING YOURSELF INTO.  
While prices may abnormally low here (where I currently reside), that is because things are abnormal (in a bad-way) here. We all know that the closer and more involved one is with one's neighbors, the more vulnerable one becomes to the eccentricities and problems of those neighbors. Condominiums (a legal way of owning property) which are apartments (even the townhouses here have either an upstairs or downstairs neighbor as well as people on each side of a common wall) carry with them a great risk of entanglement with people one would not wish to be "entangled" with. Oakhill is the best example (worst place) I have witnessed (in 25 years of representing condominium associations and property management companies) of a place where those entanglements are so bad they should be avoided at all costs. I have lived here between 5 to 6 years and my experience and observations are shocking, disturbing and should serve as a warning to prospective purchasers and renters.