Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Notes and Observations from the 2nd half of the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate on National Security

I just could not bring myself to watch and write a blog on the first half of the debate as this took so long and it was already late at night.

In general, this was a really bad debate because, as is usually the case, instead of answering the specific question they were asked, almost without exception, the candidates talked about something that either had occurred when they were in office or for legislation which they had supported at some time long ago. They habitually criticized the President for, if relevant, the issue about which they were questioned, and if not relevant, for anything and everything else, whether relevant or not to the issue before them. It never mattered if the President was deserving of criticism, and he even was criticized for the inaction of Congress.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy America!!! An analysis of the Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Philadelphia, and Other Movements and why We Should Support Them

In Philadelphia, as in Wall Street, and throughout the USA and world, people are occupying cities and institutions. I call it, "Occupy America." I may not be the only one to use that overall name, as the name is natural, but I did think it up on my own. These movements are America's Tienanmen square protests, a loose coalition of disenfranchised citizens exercising their right to freedom of speech and protest to complain about the social and financial inequality facing America during this period of America's demise.They are also complaining about excessive greed and corruption, political paralysis, and the financial demise of America.