Friday, May 20, 2011

Eat Organic Products and Humanely Produced Products - Be Healthy for Yourself, Your Family, and Be Moral

Times are tough, financially! I get it. They are for me as well. Also, while I ethically believe that eating animals is wrong, I was raised eating meat, eggs, dairy products, and so on. I just can't eliminate these.

But I don't need anti-biotics, pesticides, hormones, and mad-cow disease. I won't contribute to the further degradation of the environment though the use of pesticides and the other by-products of big business industrial farming operations. And I can not reconcile my need to eat with the cruelty inflicted on animals from birth through death, including the placing of animals in cages no bigger than their bodies with no ability to move around, kept in unhealthy and cruel conditions and kept alive and productive through the use of dangerous drugs and chemicals.

This is why I am trying to eat less and less animal products, and those which I do, whenever possible, are produced through humane farming methods and organic, when possible. For example, my eggs are not only labeled Organic (you have to look for more than the Organic label) from free range chickens. My milk is from the same company, and all of which, of course, is produced without anti-biotics, hormones, etc.

It is in your interests, the interests of our children, our environment. It is also said that the measure of our morality is not how we treat ourselves, not how we treat each other, but how we treat the powerless, which includes our children and our animals.

Lastly, it is nice a good fringe benefit that many of the smaller, family farms which struggle to compete against the huge and destructive industrial agri-business farms are the ones who have found a niche in the production of Organic and/or humane farming products.

For more information, I recommend the following web sites. Click to follow the link.

The Humane Farming Association

Organic and Environmentally Friendly Foods

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  1. Amen!! I have been a supporter of the Humane Farming Association Myself, and am concerned with the crap going into my bodies and my kids bodies.

  2. Asside from the links you post, can you provide more information about how to do this and live and eat like you suggest. It is very confusing.

  3. I absolutely agree. I am a strict vegetarian and I am glad other people see my point of view. We should definitely try to be much more environmentally friendly and be kind to other beings

  4. We must join together and protect the earth!! :)

  5. Whole Foods has a lot of excellent organic and humanely produced products. Remember, however, that while there is a lot of overlap, "green", "organic" and "humane" are not necessarily the same.

    Locally produced organic produce are more "Green" then produce from another part of the country. Given our economic crisis it is very good to buy locally produced produce then imported produce. Aside from the economic costs, locally produced produce is more "green" because the environmental cost is smaller since the transportation costs (and energy required) are less.

    Animal products can be "organic" while the animals are kept and killed in non-humane methods. On the other hand, animals which are kept in very small cages, not allowed to roam free, and given bad food, often require anti-biotics to remain healthy. So there is some overlap, but it is important to buy cage free, grain fed organically raised eggs and chicken products. The same goes for meat products. The animals need to be allowed to graze and be fed proper meals of things like grain, instead of animal by-products (which is, for example, a cause of mad cow disease.)

    David M. Ginsberg

  6. I have been to whole foods before many times. I absolutely love it. Whole Foods is one of the most eco-friendly, kind-to-animals store I have ever seen. Plus they have a great variety of healthy foods, a pizza parlor, a taco truck on the roof, a huge salad bar, a sample night (every Wednesday) with tons of free samples all around the store (I don't even need to eat dinner), and much, much more