Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ninja Warrior - New Sport Spreads from Japan through USA and Asia

The sport is called Ninja Warrior and it sent from being a TV show broadcast from Japan and re-broadcast in America on a lesser known cable TV station to prime time network in America called America Ninja Warrior.

Gyms across America are building ninja warrior obstacles, as are people in their backyard.

Etan Ginsberg, a fan who build his own obstacle course in the woods near his apartment, also competed (and won) in some competitions in the mid-Atlantic region in the gyms which held these "unsanctioned" competitions. Often competiting were a few of the television competitiors.

Now, a website has appeared, authored by Etan, which has become the premier website for the Ninja Warrior Sport. The site. www.ninjawarrior.info is receiving massive numbers of hits. Interviews with the competitors can be seen, and blueprints for the ninja warrior obstacles can be purchased.

The site is well worth checking out, and was recently featured in Outdoor Magazine

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