Thursday, February 6, 2014

End Female Genital Mutilation

This is a short blog, and I will start doing this more often to help spread the word on worthy causes when I don't have the time to write a more detailed article. Also, there are others who have done a better job then I could.

Truth about genital mutilation:

1) There is not a shred of benefit to Genital Mutilation. There is no medical reason, not a shred of a medical benefit. There is no psychological benefit. Nothing. There is not worthy social reason. There is nothing at all.

2) It is severe child abuse  (both physical and psychological). It causes multiple kinds of permanent physical and mental damage.

3) It can not be justified. No child is legally, psychologically, or otherwise able to consent to such a procedure., When it is done, and it should never ever be don, it is usually done under unsanitary conditions, by "butchers." The child, and often family members, are not told the truth about the procedure, its lack of justification, and the damage it does.

4) Many (if not most) of the girls who have this performed on them are physically and/or mentally coerced into it.

5) Many (if not most) of the people involved in performing these procedures are either misguided parents who later regret it, or (sometimes both) are heinous criminals.

6) Religion and social differences can not and do not justify this procedure. I am all for freedom of religion and respect for different cultures. But religious freedom and cultural diversity have never and should never be justification for all acts committed in the nominal name of a religion or culture.

Female Genital Mutilation is the violent oppression of women my a society which is make dominated (even when the mutilation is performed by and/or at the request of women), and the make members of this society do not have the slightest idea of what women are, who they are,etc. To them, women are less than an object, even if they think they care for or love the woman involved.

It needs to be legally banned and made illegal. Penalties need to be severe. The laws need to be enforced vigorously. Support needs to be given, and substantial additional monetary aid needs to be provided, for those organizations that are fighting Female genital Mutilation and/or helping women escape from this procedure.

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China's CCTV Coverage About Female Genital Mutilation

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  1. All sane human beings must agree with this. Only those deep into their subjective cultural backgrounds can still be so far behind. Being respectful of other cultures is not going to cut it.

    However, what is the way to stop the practice of female genital mutilation? It cannot be tolerated in any of the 'developed' countries, but what is the best method for those developing countries that are still just plain backwards? Education? More aid, but tied with conditions? Surely too much control and gun-barrel influence isn't the answer. It is sad that western countries tend to intervene in the world when there are natural resources to exploit but don't seem very good at transferring positive values...

    I sincerely don't know what to do about this issue, but I hope with every year the world will become a better place for women and for all humans.

  2. Sadly it's just hard to know what to do about it. Everyone must agree that it is an extremely barbaric practice, no controversy there. I agree religion and culture are no excuse. There are already harsh penalties in the developed/western world, I'm sure. But in countries where there are these strong traditional cultures that refuse to modernize, it's very difficult to know what the solution is to spread human rights and women's rights there...

    Education is very important. Yet it must not be forced at gunpoint; a neocon world has basically been proven not to work at this point. There's always influence when it comes to seizing natural resources yet little attempt to make the average villager's life better and more knowledgeable... The world-over is skeptical of influence from the west, with good reason. Seems the only start solution is supporting fair-minded education without being patronizing. Good luck, world.