Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who Won The US Presidential Election?

Who Won the Election?
America Did!

Good triumphed over evil,
Intelligence prevailed over ignorance,
Reason won over chaos,
Strength beat fear.

Prosperity will prevail over greed,
National Security will succeed instead of reckless war mongering, and,

social justice will replace destructive greed.

When Republicans have won the Presidency (in past elections), they claimed that America had spoken, and that all Americans [meaning Democrats] should respect the "will of the people" and work with the new President. But when a Democrat wins the White House, they always try to obstruct and hinder the elected President, no matter what the cost to America. Republicans are consistent in their hypocrisy. When that fails, they call some absurd special investigation.

Republicans are now claiming that Obama will be hampered by the same inability to "get things done" which ignores the fact that it is their obstructionism which is the reason that nothing has gotten done. They are throwing that in the face of Americans, like a child saying, "I told you so, now you will be sorry." They ignore the fact that they are the ones refusing to be reasonable and work with anyone. These Tea Party extremists are the nuttiest and most dangerous bunch ever.

The American people have spoken [again.]

Obama overcame the racism, the damage done to the economy by Bush and the Iraq war, and the refusal of Republicans to pass any meaningful legislation. If that doesn't send a message to the Republicans in the Congress, especially the House, then they need to resign, and resign quickly.
If Republicans continue to refuse to pass the President's legislation, then the answer is clear. We will have to vote out the Republicans from Congress in two years. So the message to Republicans, who have become extremist and obstructionists, is either play ball or get out of the game.

On a personal note, now I can resume my attention to a rancid system of lawlessness and injustice in Montgomery County.
Israel lost, and I am glad. I am so angry at Israel, and they deserve my anger. They tried to interfere with our election and influence the results, which was the breaking of an unspoken agreement. Netanyahu lost, and he needs to be kicked out of office, and I am really angry at Israel and Netanyahu. Let's not forget that Ariel Sharon was an extreme right winger, and NetanyahuIas is far to the right of Sharon. Furthermore, despite his excellent command of the English language, Netanyahu is tarnished with corruption and scandal.
If Israel is in such a rush to attack Iran, let them do it and face the consequences. I will save this topic for another post. But I have been a strong supporter of Israeli security. They have made me turn my back on Israel in disgust this year. I will explain why in another post. Bibi, why don't you pass legislation which will help the hasidic community beat up secular young Jewish girls. Isn't that what Israel is all about in your sick extremist minds?
In the meanwhile, here are Netanyahu's suppporters (the old men) and what Isreal would look like under Bibi the corrupt.

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