Saturday, February 3, 2018

Nunes Memo is Moronic, Juvenile Hypocrisy

The absurdity of the Nunes Memo

I am so furious at the moronic intellectual dishonesty. Of what relevance is it who paid for the Dossier? What matters is whether the Dossier is true. Am I wrong?

The GOP is making the specious point that the Dossier was also used as part of the justification for the FISA warrant, and therefore the Judge should have been advised that it was paid for by democrats, as though therefore it was invalid as a source of probable cause. This is an absurd argument. Police often get information from people who are snitches or informing criminals and use them for warrants. I am not comparing HRC or the DNC to snitches and informing criminals, but I am saying who paid for the Dossier, or their motivation, is not relevant if the information is reliable, which it was at the time the FISA warrants were issued (because there was corroboration) and because having a motive does not make information false or unreliable. Lastly, the accuracy of the information in the Dossier was proven by the guilty pleas of the very same people the FISA warrants were directed at. Also, the DNC having a motive does not automatically make the authors of the Dossier liars.

And if the original people who were the subjects of the FISA warrants pled guilty, doesn't that sort of prove that the FISA warrants were reasonable and that seeking them was justified?

What a dishonest, hypocritical, juvenile desperate argument by the GOP.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Facts: Why BDS and anti-Israel Arguments are Factually Flawed

(Borrowed from "An Open Letter to the University of Michigan Central Student Government "CSG" from Victor Lieberman, Raoul Wallenberg Distinguished University Professor of History and Professor of Asian and Comparative History")
If you support BDS or are against Israel, you are dead wrong, according to REAL FACTS:
You can’t judge it on the basis of anecdotes.
You have heard, or will hear, stories of Palestinian suffering.

These are genuinely moving, but no more deserving of sympathy than stories about Israeli victims of terrorism, such as:
* The teenage Israeli girl whose feet were blown off by a bomb

* The little Israeli boy who this July saw his father and grandparents stabbed to death.

Likewise, I think it’s wrong — as I’ve heard some students say — that the CSG should support Palestinians because they are “brown” people struggling against “white” oppression.
Not only are Israeli Jews, most of whom come from Arab and African lands, physically indistinguishable from Arabs, but to judge issues on the basis of physical appearance is not a useful mode of analysis.

Who Is Responsible for the Ongoing Conflict?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

President Trump's Anti-Semitic Slur of the Jewish People

The actions of the President of the United States, while insane and unhinged, were a disgusting anti-semitic slur on the Jewish people (and other groups with which I stand in absolute solidarity) today, and in the most vehement ways possible I condemn and denounce him.
No Mr. President, the people who were protesting (allegedly the removal of the statue of Robert E Lee) were all racist anti-semitic neo-nazis, KKK members, and other flavors of violent White Supremacists. As they always do, they came armed and looking for violence, and they did indeed instigate that violence, resulting in the murder of a young innocent woman, and unfortunately, this is far from the first time this has happened. You have wasted more breathe defending these hate mongers then your trivial insincere tweet about her death.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump Blows it with China

As many of you know, I live in China. I read the Chinese news every day. I speak to nationalistic Chinese. I speak to [Communist] Party Members. The TPP was a shot against "over the bow" of China who (perhaps rightfully) is seeking dominance in many areas, especially in the pacific region. The TPP excluded China, and this pissed China off and directly threatened their dominance in trade. They have tried to come up with alternative arrangements to compete with the TPP. Yes, it was a trade deal, and "trade deals" have gotten a bad, and partly undeserved, partly deserved, reputation. But this deal was very different, especially as it gave the USA some added leverage over China.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Doing Business in and with the People's Republic of China - Compliance and Legal and Social Audits

 Many companies, big and small, are either doing business with companies (and people) in China or are thinking of doing this. If you don't think you are, just look at the seller on Ebay, As an American attorney who lives in Shenzhen China (near Hong Kong) here is some basic general advice (feel free to contact me for more information):
I.                   Methods of doing business with the Peoples Republic of China:
There are several methods of doing business with the People’s Republic of China. The easiest way is just to purchase goods (manufactured or otherwise) or sell goods, without any activity or presence in China. Historically, this is the reason Hong Kong became an economic powerhouse. Foreign companies dealt only with Hong Kong entities, and left it the their Hong Kong counterparts to deal with China. This has simplicity and minimization of risk as a principal advantage. Of course, hiring a third party company (such as one based in Hong Kong) can help avoid “having a presence” in China.

Nonetheless, as discussed below, depending on the nature of the Buyer’s/Manufacturer's business, and their specific needs and concerns, some of the issues discussed below still apply. For example, in the “Social or Moral Audit” scenario, it doesn’t really matter where title to the goods passed, nor does it matter if the financial side of the transaction is secure (for example COD with inspection), if one’s company becomes the subject of very bad publicity.

Furthermore, it is common for factories in China to copy or overproduce (for their own benefit) the goods for which they are contracted to manufacture for their clients. Similarly, sell a hot product to your purchaser in China, and don't be surprised if a good portion of what they are really selling turns out to be a Chinese manufactured copy of what they agreed to purchase exclusively from you.

One client of mine designed women’s clothing. Her Chinese factory was scheduled to begin production, and she came to China to supervise quality control. Before going to the factory, as was her practice, she used to visit local Chinese boutiques. She was shocked to find her designs being sold in some boutiques under a different label. In fact, this was so common (and China was perceived to be so poor), that many companies haven’t even cared so long as the sales remained in China and under a different label. Of course, the risk for counterfeits, and sub-standard products all being exported to your markets remain. So even a company with no presence in China should have concerns (which can be addressed) with proper auditing. Furthermore, don't underestimate the size and wealth of the Chinese marketplace, nor the technical abilities of their factories. They have the money and expertise to buy and sell whatever can be bought and sold.

Of course, depending on how the transaction is structured, financially and legally, quality control can also be a big issue. An audit can supervise production and reject, on the spot, defective products, avoiding both delays and disputes, and even rejection by customs (in your country) when the goods are imported into your (foreign) country.

The need for proper protection becomes more acute if any intellectual property is involved. That includes trademarks, copyrights, and patents. China does offer protection for such property, but it is not automatic. Nothing should be taken for granted. Registration in China is necessary, and should be done promptly and correctly. It should be noted that China is notorious for taking advantage of foreign companies who fail to protect their intellectual property rights in China, or who delay in doing so.

The other side of the “picture” are companies who desire (or require) a presence, to some extent, in the People’s Republic of China. That may be merely an occasional visit from you or your employee (the foreigner) to discuss a purchase of goods. Or perhaps you will find it profitable to establish a foreign owned and managed company in China (whether a factory or retail sales). Each of these implicates additional needs for legal and other compliance protections. The greater your presence in China, clearly, the more you need (as both a legal and practical matter) to be protected and concerned.

Such issues are discussed below.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19 - Chinese New Year -Pictorial Documenting the Biggest Migration of People in History

The Chinese New Year is the largest movement of People.
Chinese Search Engine Baidu has a location tracker which it used to track the people returning home.
Notice that most people left one of four cities

Most Chinese no longer remain in their ancestral villages, but instead travel to the big cities to find more lucrative work. Those cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen are filled with transplants from all over China. I live in Shenzhen, the 4th largest, with about 22 million people. It borders Hong Kong, and is in the same province as Guangzhou, the 3rd largest. Guangzhou was formerly known as Canton, the place where the British sold Opium to the Chinese. Both Shenzhen and Guangzhou are in the Guangdong Province, formerly also called the Canton Province.

I wanted to document this migration, so I asked people to send me various pictures from their trip home as well as their stay at home. I didn't want to tell people what kinds of pictures to take. I also found many pictures posted on Facebook, but even more on We Chat (Weixin)(the Chinese mobile Facebook) used by some 300 to 500 million Chinese.

People go home to their ancestral villages and home cities.  People travel great distances, if necessary. Trips range from one to three weeks, depending on one's job, finances, and available vacation days. Everyone has fun. People exchange Hongbao (or red envelopes filled with Lucky Money). Dumplings and special meals are eaten. Fireworks scare away evil spirits, while red banners bring good luck and prosperity. Unwed people over 25 complain they are harassed about the failure to marry.

The pictures tell the story far better than I could.
Notice the Picture of Chairman Mao in the Back


Monday, January 19, 2015



Charlie Hebdo was republished with another depiction of Mohamed, causing worldwide protests, and perhaps, more future violence. I have Muslim friends. I respect Islam. But it has been perverted, attacked and degraded, not by those who who depict the Prophet, but by those that commit unjustified violence in the name of the Prophet. That is the point of the cartoon. Perhaps some Jihadists should look at the cartoon and think about it for a moment.
I am Jewish. My religion also prohibits depiction of God. Who cares if someone else does this? That is on them. I would never commit violence if someone depicted God. We are not even supposed to write God. We are supposed to write G-D. Our religion is not so different from Islam in this. So why is our behavior and tolerance so different?
One, because we ostracize the fanatics of our religion. Second, because we value the societies we live in. Most importantly, as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity teaches, we value the prohibitions against violence and destruction of innocent lives and societies. Not every action or perceived insult justifies Jihad, as even the Koran states that Jihad must be defensive.
It is time for people to live in peace. Violence just begets violence, and too often, it is the truly innocent who bear the suffering.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ninja Warrior - New Sport Spreads from Japan through USA and Asia

The sport is called Ninja Warrior and it sent from being a TV show broadcast from Japan and re-broadcast in America on a lesser known cable TV station to prime time network in America called America Ninja Warrior.

Gyms across America are building ninja warrior obstacles, as are people in their backyard.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Police, Prosecutors, and Judges are Way Out of Control In America

I am sitting in peaceful Shenzhen China watching CNN with so much disgust.

The daughter of Eric Garner was just interviewed on CNN. She echoed my sentiments exactly. She said, this was more about the abuse of power by the police. The Ferguson case is not the example this country needs to see. The Eric Garner case is.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

End Female Genital Mutilation

This is a short blog, and I will start doing this more often to help spread the word on worthy causes when I don't have the time to write a more detailed article. Also, there are others who have done a better job then I could.

Truth about genital mutilation:

1) There is not a shred of benefit to Genital Mutilation. There is no medical reason, not a shred of a medical benefit. There is no psychological benefit. Nothing. There is not worthy social reason. There is nothing at all.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Live Dispatch from China - Tensions Escalate - Japanese Militarization, Refusal to Acknowledge War Crimes, Whale Hunting, and Over fishing are a disgrace to the "Land of the Setting Sun"

The news from Japan is foreboding. Japan is  increasing substantially its military. The Prime Minister is paying respects to the Japanese war dead (from World War II). The former is an offensive measure and should be received with alarm. The later is just one in a long line of insults, but proves the Japanese haven’t changed and are unrepentant. The pretense of Japanese increased militarization is to counter increased Chinese military capability. This is a facade. It is the same type of specious propaganda asserted by Hitler (as his justification for the militarization of Nazi Germany prior to World War II.)

The instant dispute involves a bunch or rocks in the ocean somewhere between Japan and China referred to as the Diaoyu Islands. No one lives there. No one will ever want to live there. But these islands may be located near some natural resources (under the ocean). Fishing rights are involved. Japan needs natural resources. That was a major reason they [Japan] waged World War II in the first place (lack of natural resources). Here they go again. Lack of natural resources is not a justification for aggression and provocation, except to the Japanese, whose sense of superiority leads them to believe it is Japan’s destiny given by God. More war in the name of God.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In Defense of Edward Snowden


After all, in its essence, the Bradley Manning Case, and the Edward Snowden case, are really all about 9/11 and our response to it.

I remember 9/11. I was at Disney World with my then wife and young son. I saw a restaurant closing and thought it odd, but then, for a second, thought the owner must be taking a break. Just a for second, however, because then I realized that there are no privately owned restaurants in Disney World. I had a bad sense of foreboding, as I saw more and more facilities closing. Then came the announcement I will never forget, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, due to circumstances beyond our control, the park will be closing immediately. Plan A.” I knew enough to know that “Plan A” was an emergency code to the staff regarding evacuation. I also knew that Disney World had never ever closed, even for weather. Something was very very wrong.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CBS's Big Brother 15 - Bad People Doing Bad Things

Big Brother 15 is one of my favorite shows. I have been watching it since the third season, 12 years ago. Of course, some years are better then others, and some are more unique then others. Each year, CBS tries to change something about the show to make it more interesting as opposed to mere repetition of the prior year. Even my ten year old daughter joined my 14 year old son (and I) in liking this show (in prior G-Rated years).

Before you jump the gun and think this is just another discussion about another dumb reality show, wait. This season's show has made headlines throughout the world, caused CBS to rewrite their disclaimers, and ended the careers of two contestants.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thinking of Buying or Renting at Oak Hill Estates and Terraces in Penn Valley (Oakhill Condominiums)?

Thinking of buying or renting an apartment or townhouse in Penn Valley (also considered Narberth) at the Oak Hill Estates and Terraces ("Oakhill")? You might want to think long and hard and look elsewhere.

Since I wrote this Blog, I have been subjected to further retaliation and attempted bullying and intereferenced into my personal affairs. Furthermore, I received a slew of so called "anonymous" comments which I traced by IP address to the same people I was writing about, and hence, they were not published. These comments, in the same gutless manner management operates, did not address the issues but were personal attacks against myself.  IF YOU PLAN ON MOVING HERE, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GETING YOURSELF INTO.  
While prices may abnormally low here (where I currently reside), that is because things are abnormal (in a bad-way) here. We all know that the closer and more involved one is with one's neighbors, the more vulnerable one becomes to the eccentricities and problems of those neighbors. Condominiums (a legal way of owning property) which are apartments (even the townhouses here have either an upstairs or downstairs neighbor as well as people on each side of a common wall) carry with them a great risk of entanglement with people one would not wish to be "entangled" with. Oakhill is the best example (worst place) I have witnessed (in 25 years of representing condominium associations and property management companies) of a place where those entanglements are so bad they should be avoided at all costs. I have lived here between 5 to 6 years and my experience and observations are shocking, disturbing and should serve as a warning to prospective purchasers and renters.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Legacy of Former President George W. Bush - His Library Opened Today

Today, the President Bush (the son) Library was opened. What information and displays should be inside:

1) US economy is destroyed;

2) Cost of Iraqi war is way over One Trillion Dollars which is the amount we don't have now which is cause for sequestration;

3) Thousands of dead American military personal in Iraq, tens of thousands loose limbs or are maimed, and the cost to Iraq is so much higher with car bombs going off daily which kill hundreds of civilians at a shot;

4) Pro-Iranian government wins control of Iraq, and Iran becomes biggest state sponsor of terrorism as well as nuclear threat in the making and now has major ally next door;

5) Easy win in Afghanistan (including capture of Bin Laden at Tora Bora) is missed because troops spread to thin because they are in Iraq;

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who Won The US Presidential Election?

Who Won the Election?
America Did!

Good triumphed over evil,
Intelligence prevailed over ignorance,
Reason won over chaos,
Strength beat fear.

Prosperity will prevail over greed,
National Security will succeed instead of reckless war mongering, and,

social justice will replace destructive greed.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A tear of respect for the Cadres of China's Communist Party

This is the difficult and controversial Blog I have ever had to write. It will be considered heresy by some in America and treason by others, if it is understood at all by our undereducated public that obtains its information from Cable TV which thought that Whitney Houston’s death was worth covering non-stop for 10 days. It will also incur the attention if not the ire of the censors in China, as certain of the topics I raise in this Post are still somewhat taboo.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Soros Ginsberg Agree - Republicans are Obstructing the Recovery

In my Blog Post of July 28, 2011 [more than six months ago], I accused Republicans of Treason and obstruction because they were putting their own political careers and interest in destroying the Democratic Party and President Obama. In an interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN in a program titled "GPS" Billionaire and knowledgeable economist and investor George Soros said exactly the same thing [without using the word treason]. He said that Republicans will not want to see a recovery until after the elections, and were out to destroy the democratic party instead of putting the interest of the United States first.

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World Must Heed the Call For Armed Intervention In Syria

On December 25, 2011, I called for armed intervention in Syria in my Blog Post, which you can read in this Blog.

It is almost two months later, and the massacre has only escalated, The Syrians are arming themselves, to the extent they can, with rifles and machine guns against tanks and artillery. The massacre of civilians has not only continued, but it has escalated, even despite the temporary presence of the Arab League.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Blog Readers Hit The Ten Thousand Mark

My Blog Readers Hit The Ten Thousand Mark (since I started counting)
Мои читатели блога Hit Ten Thousand Марк (так как я начал считать)
هيت القراء مدونتي وعشرة آلاف مارك (منذ بدأت العد)
Translations at the End ترجمة في نهاية Переводы в конце  最后翻译 תרגומים סוף
Thank you to all of my readers who now exceed Ten Thousand (10,000) [and that is since I just started counting]. I also have several more thousand readers on my nearly identical, but slightly inferior, copy of my blog (a mirror blog) on [click here to go there]. I have created this second Blog because I was warned that some countries do not allow their citizens to access Google's Blogger on the Internet.

I am starting two separate Blogs because the topics are different. One deals with one of the subjects I was writing about in my book, legal injustice. The other is a lighter one dealing with entertainment and culture, more specifically TV, Movies, Books, and Music. Click Here to Go to That Blog or type the URL which is

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Join The Protest Against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA

This site went blank at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (USA) on January 18, 2012 for 24 hours to join with other sites like Wikepedia in protesting the Stop Online Privacy Act. All that was  visible, was this information about SOPA, which, ironically, I will copy from Wikepedia discusses SOPA [Click Here] and other sites which are also going blank (except for information about SOPA).

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Religous Violence Erupts Tughout the World As the New Year Begins

Religous Violence (INSTEAD OF PEACE)  Erupts Tughout the World As the New Year Begins: Shia v. Sunni; Jew v. Jew; Christian v. Muslim; Christian v. Christian; and Government v. the Governed  的暴力行为,而不是和平,整个世界新年伊始爆发:逊尼派什叶派诉;犹诉犹太人,基督教诉穆斯林,基督教诉基督教;和政府诉治理  لعنف بدلا من السلام ، ويثور في جميع أنحاء العالم مع بداية العام الجديد يبدأ : الشيعة ضد السنة؛ يهودي ضد يهودي، مسيحي ضد مسلم، مسيحي ضد المسيحيين، ويحكم ضد الحكومةאלימות, במקום שלום, פורצת בעולם כולו את השנה החדשה מתחיל: שיעים נגד סונים, יהודי נגד יהודי, נוצרי נגד המוסלמים; כריסטיאן נ 'נוצרי; ו נ' ממשלת הפלשתיני
Enough is Enough, and it is time for the violence to end!

"Can't we all just get along?" Rodney King (after the riots in LA)

Translations in Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese are Below the English Text.
The Videos and Links to Other Web Sites Such as CNN and the BBC are in the English Text.

תרגומים בשפות עברית, ערבית, סינית להלן הנוסח האנגלי.
סרטי וידאו ו - קישורים לאתרי אינטרנט אחרים, כגון CNN ו-BBC נמצאים טקסט באנגלית.
ترجمة بالعبرية والعربية والصينية وفيما يلي النص الانكليزي.
وأفلام وروابط لمواقع أخرى مثل سي ان ان والبي بي سي موجودة في النص الانكليزي.


As the year ends and another begins, as the western world celebrates the joyous holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah, and as the Arab world celebrates the liberating movement of the Arab Spring, the news of the last two days is filled with amazing examples of violence which seems to evidence our inability to “Get Along.” It must stop!

We are all used to some conflicts, such as between the “Superpowers” and between Arab and Israeli, but as these old conflicts disappear, they seem to spread like a virus to every aspect of society. In fact, some of the conflicts, violence, aggression and oppression is, to be frank, mind boggling. It is saddening as it seems we can never ever move this world towards one in which people can coexist freely and peaceful, with mutual respect.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Time Has Come For Armed Intervention In Syria to Bashar al-Assad Committing War Crimes

The Time Has Come For Armed Intervention In Syria to Stop the Government of Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad from Slaughtering, Torturing, and Massacring Innocent Non-Violent Protestors لقد حان الوقت للتدخل المسلح في سورية Stop the Slaughter and The Massacre وقف المذبحة والمجزرة

Update February 7, 2012

I called for armed intervention in Syria to protect the Syrians from the tyrannical, criminal, murderous, and oppressive rule of Bashar al-Assad way back on December 25, 2011. I have always prided my Blog posts on being prescient, ahead of even the media, much less world opinion. It is now February 6, 2012. The government has resorted to shelling innocent civilians, including with indiscriminate mortar attacks. It is both emboldened by the failure of the United Nations to Act, and desperate to quash the growing rebellion, including in the armed forces.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Forgotten Child Sex Abuse Scandal at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School

The Forgotten Child Sex Abuse Scandal at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania [Part 1]

With all the publicity about the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State involving the school's prestigious football program, forgotten is an almost identical story involving a powerful professor and department head at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the early 1990's. I was the lawyer for the main victim, although there were other victims (but the statute of limitations had run out). The only difference is that officials did not look the other way to the same extent as at Penn State, although the professor and his misuse of the prestige and name of the University of Pennsylvania name was ignored and enabled the professor to molest young boys and the professor was let off the hook. A grave miscarriage of justice and the rape of children was allowed to go unpunished in nearby Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (a county courthouse where I have learned not to expect justice) until the professor got caught again more than a decade later.

Letter to My Readers about my Blog, Why I Write It, My Attempt to Reach the World by Translating My Posts, and My Special Interest and Love of China

To The Readers Of My Blog:

Chinese and Arabic Translations at the Bottom
الترجمة الصينية والعربية في القاع

Thank you for reading my Blog. Now that my Blog has been up and running for about six months, let me take some time to thank you and tell you how we have been doing and where we are going and why. In a country where our politicians are impotent to make a difference even in the face of social and economic problems, we (I and my readers) are going to make a difference worldwide and are well on our way.

Recent Protest(s) In China are not Comparable to the Arab Spring Protests

Recent Protest(s) in China is(are) not the Same as Arab Spring Protests and Should Be Left to the Central Chinese Government to Handle. The Chinese Government does represent the People of China and is its legitimate government and has not just the legal and military authority to rule, but the historical and moral authority as well.

As much as the West has been taught to think of Communist governments as a form of dictatorship which does not represent the people of the country and whose governance of the people is not pursuant to the will of the people, this is not true as a rule and is not true in China today or when after the Communists defeated the Nationalists (just as Fidel Castro came to power with the will of the people). We need to stop interfering with China and her internal affairs, which is something that the rest of the world (Japan, Russia, Germany, America, England and others) has done since the birth of international travel hundreds of years ago.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plan B Morning After Pill Age Restrictions are Reasonable

I am a pro-choice progressive liberal Democrat. But I support the age limitations imposed by the Obama administration. It is not that I want to take away or restrict any woman's reproductive and/or sexual rights. To the contrary, every woman should have the unfettered right to make choices as to her sexual activity and right to reproduce and/or terminate a pregnancy. This issue, however, implicated the rights and abilities of parents to be good parents to their children.

The World Must Support The Arab Spring, Especially in Syria (Arabic Translation at End) and the Continuing Struggle for Freedom in Egypt and Libya (and eventually in Iran).

America has some choices confronting it, but fortunately, those choices lend themselves to great opportunity. Historically, America's choices have led to the opportunity to advance her strategic, economic, and/or moral agendas. To often, we have had to choose between those strategic, economic and moral agenda. Also, to often, we have made the wrong choice. Whether through direct military intervention in such countries as Vietnam and Iraq or by backing dictators such as the Shah of Iran, Pinochet in Argentina, or even Batista in Cuba (the list is endless), we have had to make hard choices between our economic, political and strategic interests. Often, such as in backing the Shah or Iran or the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, we have in fact advanced none of our interests and done damage to them all.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum Are Not Viable Candidates and are Not Qualified to Be President - What is happening to Democracy? Also, why the US needs "Big Government"

This post was updated on January 2, 2012 right before the Iowa caucus after the surge in Iowa polls of Rick Santorum

In the recent debate, Newt Gingrich made some of the most absurd statements I have heard. Statements which will hurt him if he gets the nomination. He proved himself to be not a viable candidate for the Presidency, although pathetically, he may be the best the Republicans have to offer. Rick Santorum, despite holding the title of Senator (of Pennsylvania - my home state), held that title only briefly. Before and after his brief tenure as Senator, he acquired no experience, did nothing of distinction, and currently, has no complete vision for the entire scope of issues which a President of the United States of America must deal with. Instead, he has extremist views on only a small sub-set of issues which deal with social value and religious issues, and America needs real leaders, not extremist religious fanatics who seek election on a religious and social conservative platform alone.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Egyptial Blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy is a Hero of the Arab Spring who, Fired the "Second Shot Heard Round The World"

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, an Egyptian Blogger and a Hero, Fires the [Second] Shot Heard Round The World in the Revolution for Freedom by posting a Nude Picture (Photograph) of Herself on the Internet

علياء ماجدة Elmahdy، وهو مدون مصري وبطلا، وحرائق النار في [ثانيا] هيرد حول العالم في الثورة من أجل الحرية عن طريق نشر صورة عارية (تصوير) لنفسها على شبكة الإنترنت
الترجمة باللغة العربية لمتابعة

If I may rephrase some famous expressions, the oppression anyone's freedom is the oppression of all of our freedom. An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. If you don't understand why this is true, please understand that when oppression of freedom and injustice (legal or social) is allowed at any time, in any place,  to any person or group, there is not only the danger that this will spread to us all, and not only does it offend our empathy to our fellow human beings, but in directly infringes our right and freedon to become a member of the oppressed group and/or engage in the activities which are restricted.

In this fight for freedom, Aliaa Magda Elmahdy is a hero and we need to know who she is, what she stands for, how she is protesting. Most importantly, we need to back her and the rest of the secular Arab Spring protesters. She is getting a massive following in the Arab world, and it is time that the world learns who she is and what she did and throws massive support to her and those for whom she protests. She is a young Egyptian adult and posed nude in a blog which also protests the jailing by the Egyptian military of protesters and also opposes Military trials for civilians. She also stands for artistic freedom and a whole host of freedom related issues which the Arab Spring revolution confronts in Egypt (in the same way that the tax on tea as only one issue encompassed in the American Revolution). Here is her website Ckick Here to Go To Aliaa Magda Elmahdy's Website

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jews and Jewish Supporters of Israel Should Support President Obama and Democrats

Why Jews and Jewish Supporters of Israel Should Support USA President Barak Obama and the Democratic Party    למה יהודים התומכים בישראל צריכים לתמוך נשיא ארה"ב ברק אובמה

As a liberal progressive who emphatically supports President Barak Obama, I often receive criticism from Jewish friends and associates, especially American, who feel that our President is not a friend of Israel or concerned with her security while the Republican party candidates are. This belief is factually inaccurate and the result of misinformation and a media campaign by people who aspire to be President, and are thus free to say what they believe will win them the most votes and campaign contributions. Unfortunately, a sitting President, like Obama, must be restrained in his comments and actions, because there is a different set of responsibilities and goals between a candidate for President and being the President.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Notes and Observations from the 2nd half of the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate on National Security

I just could not bring myself to watch and write a blog on the first half of the debate as this took so long and it was already late at night.

In general, this was a really bad debate because, as is usually the case, instead of answering the specific question they were asked, almost without exception, the candidates talked about something that either had occurred when they were in office or for legislation which they had supported at some time long ago. They habitually criticized the President for, if relevant, the issue about which they were questioned, and if not relevant, for anything and everything else, whether relevant or not to the issue before them. It never mattered if the President was deserving of criticism, and he even was criticized for the inaction of Congress.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy America!!! An analysis of the Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Philadelphia, and Other Movements and why We Should Support Them

In Philadelphia, as in Wall Street, and throughout the USA and world, people are occupying cities and institutions. I call it, "Occupy America." I may not be the only one to use that overall name, as the name is natural, but I did think it up on my own. These movements are America's Tienanmen square protests, a loose coalition of disenfranchised citizens exercising their right to freedom of speech and protest to complain about the social and financial inequality facing America during this period of America's demise.They are also complaining about excessive greed and corruption, political paralysis, and the financial demise of America.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Senate Bill (Republican) to Punish China for her Currency is Nothing More than More Dangerous Politically Selfishly Motivated Shenanigans. Republicans again!

Once again, Republicans are at it again. They propose to punish China for her currency which they feel is undervalued and costs American jobs. They will focus our attention anywhere but on what really is necessary to cure our problems: tax increases on the rich and on wealthy corporations like the oil industry (which includes the repeal of “temporary” breaks) and cuts on our defense spending.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Amanda Knox is Set Free!

Free at Last! Amanda Knox is Free at Last! Thank God Almighty Amanda Knox is Free at Last! After four extensive years in prison, Amanda Knox has finally been released and all of her charges except defamation have been overuled.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stop the Trafficking in Endangered and Protected Fish and Animals

Although a “step below” in evil (below the trafficking in humans), the needless slaughter to extinction, and the illegal trafficking in endangered and protected animals, for virtually no reason of some of the rarest animals and species of animals in the world is also incredibly damaging and evil. Often, like human trafficking, it involves the international and intra-country trafficking of illegal animal products, especially for human consumption. Like Human Trafficking, it is world wide and comes in many different contexts. Again like Human Trafficking,, it exists because of the active involvement of a few, along with the tacit indifference and./or acquiescence of governments and people worldwide. Like Human Trafficking, it is illegal, and also, reflects very poorly on the status of our humanity. A famous quote by a famous author (I forget who it was and what he/she said) was something like “The measure of a society's morality and humanity is measured by its treatment of children and animals.”

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Prosecuting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is a Mistake.

I was overjoyed by the Arab Spring, especially with the overall lack of violence and speed of the transition to democracy in Egypt. Compare what happened in Egypt with what is still going on in Libya, Syria, and throughout the rest of the Arab world. But prosecuting Hosni Mubarak is a mistake for Egypt and sets a bad precedent. Most of all, he does not deserve the prosecution.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't be fooled by the Tea Party! Tea Party candidates and Republicans (especially the Tea party and Special Interest Groups) Falsely Blame Democrats and President Obama for Economic Problems which are the Fault of Republicans and Tea Party candidates and try to do this by unfairly scaring Americans about things like China which have no relevancy. What's behind all the Tea Parties claims?

Republican special interest groups, PAC's and especially Tea party nuts continue to attack President Obama by falsely airing advertisements suggesting that the President's mismanagement of the economy will allow China to somehow “take over” America, or at lease become more powerful than America. This advertisements contain, like an onion, layers and layers of smelly lies and are false misleading scare tactics seeking to place the blame on Democrats and and unfairly criticize China for problems which are the fault of American Republicans, the tea party, and it's special interest groups.

Fact: Our budget deficit problem began a long time before China became economically powerful. Ronald Reagan, in 1980 ran on a platform of cutting the budget deficit in half. Instead, after eight years of his rule, the deficit had instead doubled.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Update to Amanda Knox Case 2011

In my original post almost three months ago, I stated that, "The DNA evidence is at worst, meaningless, and at best, exonerates her. That is because I was paying attention to the evidence submitted at the original trial. Unfortunately, the Italian Jury, Judges and Italian Prosecutor Mignini (who wanted to convict Amanda Knox for his own selfish corrupt reasons regardless of the truth of her innocence) were not paying attention to the evidence.

Last week, after this poor girl has been languishing in an Italian prison for years, her case is finally having an appeal. Fortunately, unlike the USA system (and probably because Italian trials are so bad), an appeal in Italy is like a new trial. In the USA, one has to show error which really couldn't have been attacked at the original trial. Despite public perceptions, it is much harder to win on appeal in America. In fact, it is rare to overturn a jury verdict in a criminal prosecution.

Confirmation Bias, the Secret Psychological Reason for Wrongful Prosecutions and Convictions - Cognitive Psychology and the Legal System and Process

I have been discussing the Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony cases in my blog. Both cases attracted worldwide attention because of perceived injustices. In the Amanda Knox case, there was an injustice at the hands of the Italian legal system which is not nearly as good as ours. In the Casey Anthony case, the legal system worked, despite the public perception of guilt. Both cases can be explained by a problem known as "confirmation bias" which has as its roots cognitive therapy.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Republicans Solely and Clearly Responsible for Budget Crisis - It is their Fault

The Republicans are solely to blame for the current fiscal crisis. It is their fault. Republicans are betraying America with their shenanigans about the budget deficit. The debate has, pathetically, abandoned any hope or attempt about even balancing the budget. Instead, they are debating merely when the new limit to the deficit should expire, because the Republicans want the crisis to reemerge before the Presidential election. In other words, there is a limit as to how high the amount the USA owes can reach. Each year, because our budget it not balances, we owe more and more money, as the yearly deficits add up. There have been caps on how high that debt could go. There were many caps which keep getting raised, because congress can never ever balance the budget. The cap was raised six of seven times during the Bush administration, without any big deal being made, because, as disgusting as this is, it needed to be done in the interests of the country, and even democrats recognized this. But once again, we have a Democrat elected as President, and it is not bad enough for the Republicans that they can't, like dictators, impose their will on the rest of us. It is not enough that the Democrats are willing to compromise with and give them most of what they want. They are going to (I don't say willing because as I write this, time is literally running out) "tank the country" to destroy a President. The harm which will befall America will far exceed, literally, the harm to America which would be caused if Al-Queda invaded Washington DC and destroyed all government buildings and killed all members of the legislative branch of government.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't Use Automated Check-Out Machines at Supermarkets

     OK, I'll admit that this was not one of my major areas of concern. But with the exception of my comments about the Casey Anthony case, it seems nothing I have said or written about so far was as explosive as a comment I made on a Supermarket website for employees and executives which was that people should not use "self-checkout machines" as they were anti-labor, and in this economy, unpatriotic.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Casey Anthony Case and Flawed TV Analysis of this Case. What is the real story on Casey Anthony?

Many TV shows are covering the Casey Anthony case, and while I can follow the case, I can't follow the TV analysis of this case. Even the most learned legal and psychological experts are clueless. The analysis of the Casey Anthony case has been confused, disjointed, and flawed. Some get a few of the relevant points and issues, but all have failed to put it all together. The only way to analyze this case is to apply an intellectual legal analysis to the evidence. All of the experts on TV have approached the case from other than a non-legal perspective. Cognitive therapy teaches us there are different ways of interpreting the same facts, occurrences, and observations. That is what many have mistakenly done in this case to Casey Anthony as they both judge her prior actions and her behavior in Court.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Civil Rights for Public School Students

Before I begin with the thrust of this blog post, which is to demand that student's rights to free speech and free press be protected, and before I expose and go against those who seek to deny those rights seek to punish those who do exercise those rights, please let me state my fundamental and moral principles to avoid confusion and eliminate a lot of potential hate e-mail.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

World Health Institute fails miserably to decide whether cell phone usage causes brain cancer

Today, just minutes ago, the United Nations World Health Organization, the preeminent most respected medical organization in the world purported to settle a critical debate and announced, in breaking news, "Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk." What a disappointment from the WHO. Their conclusion begs the question. We already wondered whether cell phone usage caused brain cancer. This question has been around for at least a decade. We expected them to extensively analyze the multiple studies and empirical data which exists from a medical and scientific point of view and reach a scientific supportable conclusion such as "Yes it does," or "No it doesn't." Their response, "Maybe it does." The entire world knew that already, even years ago. We needed an answer, and got instead only the original question which started the debate. How is this news? How is this science? How is this medicine?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Eat Organic Products and Humanely Produced Products - Be Healthy for Yourself, Your Family, and Be Moral

Times are tough, financially! I get it. They are for me as well. Also, while I ethically believe that eating animals is wrong, I was raised eating meat, eggs, dairy products, and so on. I just can't eliminate these.

But I don't need anti-biotics, pesticides, hormones, and mad-cow disease. I won't contribute to the further degradation of the environment though the use of pesticides and the other by-products of big business industrial farming operations. And I can not reconcile my need to eat with the cruelty inflicted on animals from birth through death, including the placing of animals in cages no bigger than their bodies with no ability to move around, kept in unhealthy and cruel conditions and kept alive and productive through the use of dangerous drugs and chemicals.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stop Human Trafficking Now. Make a Difference.

    Human Trafficking is more prevalent then one could possibly imagine, yet is a terrible evil in this world. It  exists in every country. It is hard to fathom moral intelligent individuals turning a blind eye to this problem. One can hardly claim to be religious or moral and engage in practices which support, condone, or even turn a blind eye to this evil. Inaction and indifference are as bad as actively contributing to the problem. Stopping it now is a moral imperative for everyone everywhere!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Google, Bing and Yahoo, Time for Anti-Trust or Unfair Trade Practices Regulation

The great thing about the Internet is that anyone can create their own website, and many sites make it easy to create a "site withing a site" for those without extensive knowledge of computers or the Internet. Also, a wealth of information and easy access to commerce and shopping is also readily available, along with sites which serve the vital interests of expressing free speech about a range of topics from public events, politics, issues which confront us, and on and on.

The problem with all this information, Internet commerce, and multitude of websites (offering goods and/or services) is finding them. Hence, the advent of that successful Internet business, the "web crawler" also known as a Web Search Engine. Google was not the first, but gained prominence as one of the most independent and best. Unfortunately, all three of the biggest, including Google, and also Yahoo and Bing (the first and the last, respectively) is that they pervert the very essence of their purpose in a manner which constitutes, possibly, anti-trust concerns as well as unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Help Win the Freedom of Amanda Knox

Who is Amanda Knox? She is a young American college student wrongfully convicted in Perugia Italy of murder. While there is not a shred of evidence to sustain her conviction, nor was there at trial, she was prosecuted by an incompetent prosecutor with a political agenda and history of similar misconduct. Italy is not known for an effective police or judicial system, and it clearly failed this young innocent college student.

Why should you care? First, she is a young American girl, and she could be your daughter or sister, and next time, perhaps it will be. Second, she is an innocent American facing injustice and looking at spending the rest of her life in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Lastly, she is innocent, and an injustice anywhere, as it was said, is an injustice everywhere.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Dead, And A Democratic Administration Proves it is strong on National Security

Osama Bin Laden is dead, and there is no way of interpreting this as other than great and wonderful news. Although Al Qaeda is not destroyed, and some will hold him as a martyr, Bin Laden was personally guilty of thousands of acts of murder, an enemy or the USA and all law abiding peace loving countries on this planet, and the leader of one of the most illegitimate murderous terrorist organizations in the world. His personal existence was an encouragement to his followers, and his death is a devastating blow to them (notwithstanding the spin they will surely espouse and any possible reprisals). America's actions send a strong warning to others who seek to commit similar heinous acts of terror and murder against the United States of America. This event also sends a clear message that justice will be brought to those responsible for such legal crimes and immorality, no matter where they hide, how careful their security, how rich their organization, or how complicit the country in which they were hiding. It also proves that President Obama, and his democratic administration, are stronger than Bush and his republican administration in the area of National Security.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watch for My New Book, A White Tear in Red China

Watch out for my upcoming book, A White Tear in Red China by David Michael Ginsberg, © 2011 David Michael Ginsberg, which I had written over the last few years in hand during my many trips to and adventures in China. I am finally typing it up and editing it. It is my first book, and is non-fiction. I can only hope I am a good enough author to tell the stories which are definitely well worth reading.

We are the people who have the courage to stand up to the wrong of our country and make it right!

"A White Tear in Red China" is also a trademark of David M. Ginsberg. All rights reserved.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Repeal Tax Breaks for Oil Companies

Oil companies currently receive a 4 billion dollar tax break. Exxon just, on April 29, 2011, reported a 10 billion dollar profit this year alone! This is on top of year after year of multi-billion dollar profits. Exxon is joined by the other oil companies who also have huge multi-billion dollar profits, year after year. At the same time, our country is in a crisis because of the budget deficit nearing its legal limit. Does it take a rocket scientist to get the point that we should repeal the tax breaks for these companies!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summary Of Compelling Reasons for Switching to “Green” Alternative Energy Due to the Hidden Costs of Not Switching, Especially in the Long Term

    While many consumers and governmental officials are concerned about the environment, and desire to go "green" no matter what the cost or inconvenience, many people and decision makers care primarily about the monetary cost of energy. This is seen when energy companies seek rate hikes, for example, or when consumers complaint about increased costs of gasoline at the pump. People want cheap utility bills, cheap gasoline, and cheap cars. (Chua, 2008)

China’s Monetary Policy Is Fine, No Need for Her Currency to Float

Contrary to the conventions and misguided wisdom, China is wrongly criticized for not allowing her currency to float. This is absolutely misguided and is based on the simple, yet incorrect, assumption that the more Chinese goods cost, the less quantity of them we will buy, and the cheaper our goods are, the more quantity of USA products we can sell. The theory goes that if currencies float freely, trade deficits will decrease, and more Americans will get jobs. Historically, this hasn't worked. Closer examination of the underlying theory explains why. If the Chinese currency floats freely, we will just spend more money for the same amount of goods, further aggravating our balance of trade deficit.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why do we Continue to Unfairly Fear and Criticize China for her economic Growth?

In the news are more and more stories about how strong the Chinese economy is, and the question of whether we should be concerned. Recently, a racist anti-China commercial has been used by Republican affiliated PAC'S and Special Interest Groups to attack Democrats. It portrays the Chinese as laughing about the demise of the American Leadership due to budget deficits and other economic mismanagement.

First, the Chinese are not our competition. They are a poor country with a much much larger population. Can we, should we, blame the Chinese because they are a hard working society which promotes production of "real goods" while we continue to refuse to refuse to work, and when we work, we tend to "shuffle" existing assets instead of creating new ones. Let me explain. Only in the airplane construction industry are we are a major net exporter and world leader, yet we allowed Europe to subsidize Airbus and, in the name of Capitalism, we care more about deregulating financial markets instead. Financial markets, those in the finance industry, like lawyers, accountants, PR consultants, and on and on, at which so many of us work, add nothing to our real GNP. They do not add anything to our ability to pay for imported goods.

President Obama Doing Well in Domestic and Foreign Policy

Our President has received unfair criticism about his foreign and domestic policy. He is doing an excellent job, given the cards he was dealt.

Regarding Concerns About Increased Involvement in Libya and the USA shouldering an unfair share of the burden:

President Obama clearly warned us of all of the things which are occurring [no exit strategy, unfair burden to the USA] and clearly enunciated those concerns as his justification for hesitating to rush to involve the US in Libya. The President bowed to the will of the American public, both Republicans and Democrats, and our compassion for innocent civilians being slaughtered and our identifying with those that protest and defy a brutal dictatorship and its oppression. By the way, I believe history will prove our support of these protesters to be both morally correct and also in our enlightened self-interest.